TSC Promotion Letters;The following Teachers To Pick their Letters

This is good news for school deputies, senior teachers, acting headteachers, and principals who applied for advertised promotion jobs.

According to the commission’s mandate, these teachers must start receiving promotion letters next week.

Senior Teachers and Deputy Headteachers will be able to pick up theirs at the offices of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Sub County Directors beginning next week.

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Additionally, Headteachers and Principals will pick up their promotion letters from the TSC County Directors’ offices.

The TSC headquarters apparently released the final batch of letters, which are currently being printed and sent to teachers who applied for the same by County and sub-county offices.

Few senior teachers and deputy headteachers/principals received their letters after attending interviews in their counties successfully during the most recent recruiting.

In December 2022, the teacher’s commission published 14,738 different advertisements for teacher promotions.

The first and second calls for applications was released in January and March of this year, respectively.

A rush for the top posts is expected to result from the advantages of having them.

TSC’s May advertisement, however, pleaded for qualified teachers to fill around 1,001 jobs within next week.

They included 8 principals and 6 deputy principals in Special Needs Education (SNE) schools, as well as 987 deputy head teachers in primary schools.

The commission extended the application period to June 15 so that teachers who were interested in applying might do so.

‘‘The Commission strives to ensure that teachers are promoted as a means to recognize and reward teachers’ effort and performance, align them for succession management/career progression and to motivate them to perform better in their duties and responsibilities,’’ Dr Macharia said.

Positions for Chief Principals, Principals, Deputy Principals, Deputy Principals, Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Senior Masters, and Senior Teachers were posted by the employer of teachers.

In SNE schools, there were four teachers serving as head principals, eight principals, and fifteen deputy principals.

To increase the total to 7,747 teachers, the TSC sought 7,720 deputy head teachers to take over in normal primary schools.

However, only 5,155 teaching positions were filled, leaving 2,592 open positions.

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